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Music Therapy: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music Therapy? A profession in which your preferred music is used to achieve your health and well-being goals. It is provided by Board Certified Music Therapists.

Who does Music Therapy serve?

  • Children with developmental differences, chronic or life-limiting illness, or grief

  • Adults seeking to enhance coping with the stressors of life

  • Adults and senior adults with chronic illness, extended recovery from illness or injury, grief, dementia, or nearing end-of-life

Where does Music Therapy take place? Your Music Therapy will take place in your home or place of residence. Music Therapy may also take place in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, or adult day centers. Telehealth services during the pandemic are available.

How does Music Therapy help? We understand that the demands of living can lead to being constantly over-stressed which can lead to illness. We understand that treatments for medical, developmental, and psychological conditions work to bring about recovery and better functioning, but suffering can linger. By participating in Music Therapy you or your loved one will receive music-based treatments that support your health goals while minimizing suffering and maximizing well-being.

How does Music Therapy work? The Music Therapist engages the client in a variety of music experiences for specific purposes. The music used is what the client prefers and relates to. For example:

  • Music making by singing and/or playing instruments can allow for expression of feelings, facilitate breath control, or work muscles that have been injured

  • Listening to recorded music that is familiar can activate memories, awareness of others, speech, or movement

  • Creating songs or composing music brings insight to feelings or boosts movement through tasks of grief

  • Moving or walking to the rhythm of music evens out an unsteady gait

  • Hearing soothing music with guided relaxation and imagery eases the suffering associated with end-of-life.

Consultations are free, so please contact us to see how we can help!

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