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Go...Music, you Musicker!

With a few exceptions, every human born is equipped with the ability to respond to and perform music. (Let's clarify that "perform" in this writing means any musical behavior). There is plenty of information about how music, as one of the humanities, is biological. Humans are built to make music. Among the reasons given for why we make and participate in music are "to express," "to communicate," "to bond," "to socialize," "to heal," "to play," "to learn." Are these actually the reasons why we music, or are they the outcomes of musicking?

What is behind the expressions, the communication, the bonding, the socializing, the healing, the playing, the learning? In other words...

What is the meaning of all this musicking?

Christopher Small (1927-2011) in his book, Musicking: The Meanings of Performing and Listening, states: "Musicking is about relationships, not so much about those which actually exist in our lives as about those that we desire to exist and long to experience: relationships among people, as well as those between people and the rest of the cosmos, and also perhaps with ourselves and with our bodies and even with the supernatural."

Small continues, "During a musical performance, any musical performance anywhere and at any time, desired relationships are brought into virtual existence so that those taking part are enabled to experience them as if they really did exist."

Music IS an action verb. Musicking is singing, making musical sounds on an object (from your dining room table to a finely crafted instrument), listening to music, dancing, and creating art to a musical performance. Without performance, live or recorded or that earworm in your head, there is no music. With performance, there is representation of relationships.

Going back to my last blog post, who is to say that anyone of us does not have the permission to better understand our relationships? We have the capacity to music in our deepest place of what is "human," and we have relationships with ourselves, others, our environment, the universe.

Go...music, you musicker!

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