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Music Therapy

Your music for your health and well-being

Are you looking for ways to make life better for

yourself or someone you care for who is

  • Living with a disability or a chronic illness

  • Suffering with chronic pain or other symptoms

  • Recovering from an injury

  • Experiencing mental decline from dementia

  • Living with high or low support needs

  • Coming to the end of life?

Happy Girl with Glasses

Music Therapy is the application of music to improve health, development, and well-being

Music Class

What results can you expect from working with a Music Therapist?

  • Progress towards health and developmental goals

  • Easing of pain or other symptoms caused by illness or injury

  • Improved awareness of self and others leading to meaningful interactions

  • Feeling of movement through the tasks of grief

  • Feeling empowered to use own strengths to thrive

  • Experiencing a better quality of life

  • Have easier and more meaningful caregiving experiences

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